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Introducing our exquisite and functional garden and pathway gates, carefully crafted to bring an unmatched design element to your home.

Designed and manufactured right here in Christchurch, our pathway gates are the epitome of style and durability, offering a seamless blend of aesthetics and practicality.

Using laser cutting technology, our pathway gates feature clean and intricate designs that will elevate the beauty of any residential or commercial property. Easy to install, the gates come as a kitset, making the setup process a breeze. All you need to do is bolt the Ring-Gudgeon to the gate frame and the Pin Gudgeon onto your garden post, outdoor wall, or fence post using suitable screws or bolts.

The gate panels are built to withstand the test of time, featuring a robust 25 x 25 mm box frame and 1.6mm sheet cladding. To ensure smooth operation and longevity, we've incorporated heavy-duty purpose-built gudgeons and a slide bolt that can be operated from both sides of the gate. For added convenience, the gates can be mounted on either the left or right side, and we also offer brackets for rear mounting options.

We understand that every property is unique, and that's why we offer customization options for color and size modifications. Our design team is eager to collaborate with you in creating a pathway gate that reflects your personal style and transforms your outdoor space into a private oasis.

For enhanced durability, we present two premium materials for your pathway gate: corten steel and powder-coated aluminum. Corten gates develop a beautiful patina over time, showcasing a rustic charm that adds character to your property. On the other hand, our powder-coated aluminum gates are treated for long-lasting use and are available in a variety of colors to complement your existing décor.

Don't miss the opportunity to secure your property with an exquisite pathway gate that's both a functional necessity and an elegant addition. Contact us today to discover more about our pathway gates and take the first step towards creating the perfect gateway to your home or business. Your property deserves the best, and our pathway gates deliver nothing short of excellence.

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The Design Junction is a New Zealand owned and operated design business operating out of Christchurch.

We specialize in laser cut and fabricated steel and aluminium features. All of our products are available in both a rustic corten steel (rust look) and a powdercoated finish.

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