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Laser Cut Fence Runner - Monstera Collage

Laser Cut Fence Runner - Monstera Collage

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Laser Cut Fence Runner - Monstera Collage

"Fence Runner Range" of panels, a versatile solution designed to elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor space. These panels are designed to serve as captivating infills within an otherwise ordinary fence, instantly transforming it into a visually striking feature.

These panels are equally adept at enhancing existing fences, offering the flexibility to raise their height for added privacy and style. Moreover, the "Fence Runner Range" panels can double as captivating decorative elements, gracing your walls and patios with their unique laser cut designs. 

Versatile Sizing: Designed to seamlessly fit into most standard fence requirements, these panels stand at a width of 360mm.

Material Thickness : 3.00 mm

Affordable Luxury: We offer these panels in a standard 3mm thick sheet, striking the perfect balance between high-end aesthetics and budget-friendly pricing.

Durable & Sustainable Materials: Available in both Aluminum and Corten Steel, our panels are built to last for decades.