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Laser Cut Decorative Panel - Flex Pod Plant Panel

Laser Cut Decorative Panel - Flex Pod Plant Panel

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Laser Cut Decorative Panel - Flex Pod Plant Panel

Clean Line Designs: Simple clean geometric design for privacy. This range of panels compliment the architecture of most modern homes.

Versatile Sizing: Designed to seamlessly fit into most standard balustrade requirements, these panels stand at a height of 1100mm. A double fold at the top and a single fold at the bottom provides strength and allows for installation with or without handrails above.

Panel Size : 800 x 1100 mm

Material:  Powder coated panels are made from 3.00 mm aluminum, corten products are made of 3.00 mm corten steel.

Affordable Luxury: We offer these panels in a standard 3mm thick sheet, striking the perfect balance between high-end aesthetics and budget-friendly pricing.

Durable & Sustainable Materials: Available in both Aluminum and Corten Steel, our panels are built to last for decades.

Please note: Structural engineer approval may be required for specific projects involving guarding at height. Ensure you seek professional advice before installing any components.