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Flower Polka - Decorative Panel

Flower Polka - Decorative Panel

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Flower Polka - Decorative Panel

New Zealand Made – Laser Cut Balustrades. 

This range of Laser Cut Metal Balustrade Panel, are inspired by the beauty of nature. These panels effortlessly blend elegance and functionality, making it the perfect addition to your space.

Privacy & Elegance: The panel was designed to maximise privacy without blocking the view. 

Versatile Sizing: Designed to seamlessly fit into most standard balustrade requirements, these panels stand at a height of 1100mm. A double fold at the top and a single fold at the bottom provides strength and allows for installation with or without handrails above.

Panel Size : 1735 x 1100 mm

Material : Powdercoated panels are made from 3.00 mm aluminium, corten products are made of 3.00 mm corten steel.

Affordable Luxury: We offer these panels in a standard 3mm thick sheet, striking the perfect balance between high-end aesthetics and budget-friendly pricing.

Durable & Sustainable Materials: Available in both Aluminum and Corten Steel, our panels are built to last for decades.

Please note: Structural engineer approval may be required for specific projects involving guarding at height. Ensure you seek professional advice before installing any components.