Wall Art Small

Welcome to Suniti’s world of unique designs. This is where art and nature meet to create some amazing metal wall art.

Drawing inspiration from native plants, birds, landscapes, people and hobbies and Suniti has poured her passion into every design. We have used a high-definition laser and sustainable materials to bring some of her designs to life. This ensures that not only do her creations stand as beautiful works of art, but they also endure the test of time.

Experience the magic raw corten steel art transform over time in your own garden. As you bring home a piece from Suniti's collection - you're inviting nature's hand to sculpt and paint alongside you. Witness the gradual evolution as the steel interacts with the elements, developing a rich, rustic patina that tells the story of seasons passing.

Install & Maintenance:

Please download the respective guides from the download tab on each product.