What is the Design Junction Balustrade System?

At Design Junction, our philosophy is “Simplicity in Design”. This leads to a balustrade system that is simple to specify and install, yet robust and personalised to suit your project.

The beauty of the Design Junction Balustrade System is in the ability for the system to be adapted to your specific site. The panel widths are adjusted down to the millimeter to ensure that there is no unsightly gaps or filler panels.
We have a number of stock designs to choose from or, you can work side-by-side with our in-house designer to modify an existing design, or create a bespoke design from the ground up.

What can be customised?

Panel Widths
The special sauce in the Design Junction balustrade system is everything is manufactured to suit the site. Panel widths are designed to suit wind speeds and to give the best aesthetic design with no filler panels or unsightly gaps.

Panel Design
Suniti - our very own in-house designer is constantly refining and working on new designs. Designing and manufacturing everything in New Zealand allows us to completely customise every design to your needs. You have no shortage of choice when choosing a design for your balustrade.

Panel Finish
We use three main materials for our panels.
Corten steel for a robust panel with an evolving rust finish.
Powdercoated aluminium: A lightweight easy-to-install panel in a massive range of colours.
Mild steel: a more robust panel for use in higher wind situations, available in the same great powdercoating options as the aluminium panels.

Post Design & Mounting
We have two different mounting designs for the post system.
Face mount: To be mounted to the face of a deck, patio, etc.
Base Mount: To be mounted to the top of a deck, patio etc.

Choose Your Design